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Foot Doctor Clinic is a subsidiary of Magnetron Therapy and Research Centre. It Aims at proving Customized "Foot Match" Insoles and Customized Footwear using a Highly Advanced 3D technology customizing the needs of the patients. This clinic uses 3D scanning, Computerized CAD/CAM modifications to cater to all the foot deformities that affect patients. This centre is the first of its kind in India providing the best self cure in health care for foot ailments at most affordable cost. Centre is fully equipped with specialized assessment, measurement modalities and medical devices having ISO 9000 and EU class II Medical device approval.


Even at the age of 83 Gopi Kishen Kabra is a man on a mission! Graduate of Engineering...

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Our Story

The story of foot match starts in 2011 at Magnetron Therapy and Research Center...

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Our Research

Have you ever thought about the important role your feet play in your daily life? On face...

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What our Patients say

  • "I am using the insole for the past six months and wear them all day. My pain has completely disappeared and I am very happy."

    Ms. Sarala
  • "So good. I am satisfied with the insole and I got excellent pain relief. I want to take one more insole as I can't use anything else anymore."

    Ms. K Latha Kumari
  • "I wear the insoles the whole day and am very satisfied with them. My pain has completely reduced and I can walk comfortably. I am referring my family and friends to get their feet checked and use these insoles as they are excellent and provide complete relief."

    Ms. B. Prabhavathi
  • " I am very satisfied with these insoles as my knee pain has completely reduced and these insoles are highly durable."

    Mr. D. Venkateshwara Reddy
  • " I had severe pain in my knees and started using these insoles. I am very satisfied as my pain has reduced and my walking style has completely changed. Thanks to FDC I can walk painfree."

    Mr. Rama Krishna

Philosophy of Magnetron & Research Centre

    We aim at making this modern 3D technology manufactured Customized Insoles, which successfully provide biomechanical correction of foot deformities, available to everyone at affordable costs. These customized insole /shoes can be helpful to maintain the Biomechanical alignments of the body. Our recent Research studies relieved the ability to use sophisticated software technology CAD and CAM to do customized modification in customized insole/shoes to realign the tissues, ligaments, muscles and joints in the body.